T-Based Team Model

When traditional industrial automation systems fail to deliver on non-traditional challenges, clients select Intellic Integration’s team of engineering and software development experts to create enterprise class controls and data solutions at a level rarely attained.

This level of expertise is unique in the industrial automation systems industry, because Intellic uses a T-Based team building model.  We build a strong wheel composed of individuals represented by T’s.  The length of the T represents the one thing all team members share in common–at Intellic, we all develop in Ignition by Inductive Automation.

The top part of the T represents the unique strength that each individual brings to the organization (eg. OnG, PLC Automation, HMI, SCADA, OEE, MES, SQL, Java, Python, Object Orientation, Design, Instrumentation, Mobile Dev, Biz Dev etc).  The individual is the subject-matter expert for their unique strength, and have the final say – the buck stops with the subject-matter expert.  Intellic is agile, efficient and cutting-edge, because our Senior Controls Systems Engineers all draw on this same pool of shared resources.

Clients save time and money in development costs, because our T-Based model allows us to approach each project as one part of a bigger whole.  We build enterprise-class frameworks that we expand on with each subsequent project.

When we evaluate new team-members, we ask ourselves, ‘What unique skill is missing from our team?  What unique skill will this person add to the team and how will it make us better?’

We find the ‘A’ player and add them to the wheel… we do not settle on our talent.

How does this benefit our clients?

  • Fewer delays while receiving the best overall, cutting-edge solutions, because Subject Matter Experts are on-site, forward facing and providing solutions in real-time during all phases of the project.
  • Subject Matter Experts are empowered team members who are fully invested in the final outcome.  They own the solution, and this provides accountability.  Our clients can be sure they are getting the engineer or software developer who is best-suited to solve their puzzle.
  • Clients’ best interests first, always.  There are no ‘B’ players at Intellic–only ‘A’ players.  We don’t just say it, we mean it, we live it.

We build integrated teams of subject matter experts so our clients don’t have to.