The common thread we all share in our T-Based team is that we all develop with the Ignition by Inductive Automation platform.  Our administrative staff complete Inductive University and all of our Engineers and Software team members are world-class, FireBrand Award Winning, Gold-Certified Ignition Developers.

Ignition is marketed as a SCADA platform but it is so much more than that.  It is a Rapid Application Development Environment (RADE) that simplifies the most complex enterprise puzzles.  From building native mobile applications for android and iOS to developing enterprise alarming and notification engines for SMS and email, Ignition can do it all.

More than just a tool to build any solution the client needs, it is a foundation on which we build enterprise-class solutions that scale across industries.  At Intellic, we call this Framework-Centric Development.

When we built our first native iOS and Android solution that interfaced with an Ignition SCADA system, we chose to build that solution on top of a framework.  This means it is re-usable.  When the next client requests an integrated mobile solution, we’re able to say that we already have a framework on which to start.  This saves time and money.

When we built our first alarming and notification engine, we built a framework of SQL tables, Ignition screens, software APIs, scripts and components that are scaleable and re-usable.  When the next client requests a cutting-edge alarm configuration and notification engine with dynamic alarm groups and customizable notification escalation levels over SMS text messaging and email, we’re able to say that we already have a framework on which to start.  This saves time and money.

We’ve spent years developing with a framework-centric mindset… our library of solutions is massive and it would not be possible in any other platform.

How does developing in Ignition benefit our clients?

  • We’ve taken our hundreds of years of combined experiences with other PLC, SCADA and MES platforms and focused our efforts on building framework-centric solutions that are scaleable across enterprises.  This saves time and money for our clients.
  • Our solutions are Scaleable–infrastructure is in place for rapid enterprise-level implementations
  • Our solutions are versatile–development completed in previous projects is leveraged on future projects, even across industries and enterprises
  • Our solutions are economical– building on previous projects means faster development in fewer hours

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