EZLogix Sparkplug B Beta Testing

This weekend, I had the pleasure of beta testing EZAutomation‘s new firmware for their EZRack PLCs.  This firmware is SparkPlug B compliant for MQTT (read about SparkPlug B here) in addition to supporting OPC-UA and string based MQTT publishing.

The testing went very smooth… I ran into no issues… Vikram and his team at EZAutomation did a great job with their dev.  After building the dev environment, I wrote a PLC program that would help scale out the topics so I could slowly ramp up and benchmark the data across the wire, configured Ignition as my MQTT broker using Cirrus Link modules, wrote a small piece of Python code to automate the testing and then sat back and watched.

To say that I am impressed with the results would be an understatement.  You can get a taste for what is to come in the final release of the firmware as well as the results of the testing below.

**Store and Forward is currently in development and should be ready for testing after Thanksgiving**





Designer Software (Beta Version for Sparkplug B)


MQTT Topics Published in Ignition from EZLogix


Benchmarking Resultings in Ignition (Broker)



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