Automation Fair 2017 — The Plan

Intellic is attending Rockwell’s Automation Fair in Houston, TX.  I arrived on Monday and the team joined me yesterday at the Le Meridien hotel in downtown.  Over the next two days, we will attend sessions and labs, meet with product managers and enjoy fellowship with the Rockwell Automation community.  My specific plan is to get an update from the product managers on RA’s plan for Industry 4.0 and IIOT.  After perusing the literature, I have read no references to MQTT or the Sparkplug B specification.

IIOT is one core focus of our business and we find there is a huge interest across our client base to natively integrate from the plant floor up to the enterprise and onto the cloud seamlessly and out of the box.  The goal this week is to learn what Rockwell has planned to help Intellic serve its clients.


The Intellic Team attending the show (Left to Right):

  1. Walker Reynolds (yours truly)
    1. President
  2. Tonya Reynolds
    1. COO and Service Based Project Leader
  3. John McCloud
    1. Director of Sales


If you see us wandering around… please offer a tip of the hat and a hello.



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