ICC 2017–Day 3 Developer’s Panel 9/20/17

Colby and Carl with the future of the platform.

  • Year in review–Ignition Edge and the distributed use of Ignition; most of the advancements from 7.8.5 to 7.9.5 have been fixes rather than features
  • 7.9.4–Named Queries create top level resources with advanced security rather than text based queries all throughout the project; Client Security Settings
  • Version 8–Brand new visialization system called ‘Perspective’.  HTML, CSS and JS support; Mobile-First Responsive Design (yay!); High Performance, Highly Scalable; Built from the ground up to be completely poll free; New Components and Interaction including multi touch gestures; Tag Performance Improvements; Security Enhancements (see my earlier post); Version Control (yay!!); Improved Script Authoring; Document Based Storage Support
  • Beyond 8.0–Improvements to tag history system; V2 of EAM

Lively question and answer… watch the video!

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