ICC 2017–Notes from Keynote Address 9/19/17

  • Steve Hechtman–what’s next?  In 14 years went from 1 employee, 1 customer and 200sft of floor space.  Today, 100 employees,  thousands of global clients, 22,000sft of floor space.  The future means continued growth under Ignitions core values.
  • Colby Clegg and Carl Gould–two groups of people…long-time community members and new members.  Reiterate the vision and values that drive their direction on software development of the platform.  Discussion about new features will take place tomorrow.  Platform Primise: Security, Stability, Consistency, Speed.

  • Don Pearson–a review of the themes of the past 5 conferences.  Highlighting Industry X.0 and how this will drive the transformation of the market.
  • Travis Cox–state of the ecosystem.  The evolution of the products and solutions being provided in the market.  Integrators, industrial organizations, third party module authors, press and industry analysts, consultants, collaborating companies, strategic partners and Inductive Automation work together to build a flourishing, collaborative ecosystem.  eg. IMDC is on github–opensource  Ignition community.  Announcement: Ignition Onboard is a new program where hardware companies will be packaging Ignition on their hardware solution.  Opto22 and Hilscher are the first two members.  You will know by the Ignition Onboard sticker on the box.



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